Custom Tube-Fin Heat Exchangers for Demanding Applications

The building blocks of tube-fin heat exchangers are tubes, fin, and frames. We have a variety of fin patterns to choose from, and can customize the tube configuration and frame for our heat exchangers. Lytron also works with specialty metals, such as nickel and cupronickel. To meet the stringent shock and vibration requirements of some applications, we can provide ruggedized frames and fluid connections and insert additional tube sheets as supporting elements within the heat exchanger core. Paints and coatings, including MilSpec paints, are available. Fluid inlets and outlets can be customized with bends, fittings, hoses, and more.


Cupronickel Tube-Fin Heat Exchanger for use in Saltwater Environment

A customer needed a heat exchanger for use in a saltwater environment. Lytron designed a custom cupronickel tube-fin heat exchanger with a frame and fluid connections that met the customer’s exact specifications.




Fins for Cooling Success

As high-power electronics continue to push power density limits, component design engineers are facing greater challenges and trade-offs in their choice for cooling solutions. One way to meet these challenges and trade-offs is through the engineering of fin geometry and fin density of heat transfer devices such as heat exchangers and cold plates... Learn more


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