Liquid-Cooled Chassis for Exceptionally High Performance

Liquid-cooled chassis are used in military and aerospace applications and other high performance applications because they offer excellent heat transfer in a ruggedized, lightweight package. They are manufactured from aluminum cold plates that have aluminum fin vacuum-brazed or Friction Stir Welded (FSW) into the sidewalls. Since all of Lytron's liquid-cooled chassis are custom designed, we can supply you with the most efficient, compact, and lightweight part possible. The inlet and outlet locations, the fluid path, and the slot widths and configurations are all custom designed to your specifications.  


Liquid-Cooled Electronic Chassis for Commercial Aircraft

Lytron worked closely with its customer to design and manufacture this liquid-cooled chassis for maintaining the operational temperatures of the electronics on a commercial aircraft. The chassis ensures long term reliability of the electronic components by dissipating waste heat while maintaining critical temperatures. The chassis also has a black anodized finish to provide electrical isolation and environmental protection and is coated with alodine in critical areas to ensure electrical grounding and corrosion protection.



Aluminum Corrosion Resistance for Cold Plates and Plate-Fin Heat Exchangers

Aluminum cold plates and plate-fin heat exchangers are commonly used for liquid cooling in military and aerospace applications because of their light weight and high performance. There are many factors to consider when designing these cold plates and heat exchangers: thermal performance, size, fluid pressure drop, weight, burst pressure, and corrosion resistance... Learn More

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