Pumps Overview

The standard pump on Lytron cooling systems is a positive displacement pump (PDP). Centrifugal and turbine pumps are also offered to precisely match your application needs. Below is a summary of our pump types, specifications and features.

Positive Displacement (PDP)

Configuration:  Rotary Vane

Material:  Brass / Stainless Steel

Flow Rates From: 1.3 – 4.3 GPM

Life Expectancy (Recommended Replacement):  Every 8,000 – 10,000 hrs


  • Steady flow rate across wide pressure drop
  • Cost effective
  • Self-priming
  • Brass is good for most applications. Stainless Steel is recommended for deionized or high purity water.
  • Fitted with a pre-set 90 psi pressure relief valve to ensure safety cut-out in the event of blockages in system.

Centrifugal Pump

Configuration:  Magnetically-Driven or Direct Drive

Material:  Brass / Stainless Steel

Flow Rates From: 1/20 - 1.5 HP

Life Expectancy (Recommended Replacement):  Every 28,000 hrs


  • Suitable for small pressure drops
  • Magnetically-driven design ensures pump integrity and reduces the possibility of shaft or seal leakage.
  • Seal-less (eliminates any possibility of seal leakage)
  • Drive magnet integrally molded into impeller and thermoplastically coated to ensure zero contamination of the pump fluid.
  • Maintenance-free service life

Turbine Pump

Configuration:  Regenerative Turbine

Material:  Bronze / Stainless Steel

Flow Rates From:  1/6 - 1.5 HP

Life Expectancy (Recommended Replacement):  Every 28,000 hrs


  • Ideal in applications where high pressure and compact design are desired.
  • Double-sided floating turbine impeller design prevents impeller wear, and promotes long motor bearing life.
  • Pulsation free flow (beneficial in reducing vibration, mechanical damage and cavitation effects)
  • Excellent low NPSH (net positive suction head) requirements (specially designed pump inlet gently accelerates the fluid to water channel velocity, dramatically reducing cavitation effects).
  • Offered with wide variety of metallurgies and elastomers in easy to repair mechanical seal or sealess configurations.


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