Lytron's Kodiak Recirculating Chiller Warranty

Lytron agrees that the apparatus manufactured by it will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the warranty period under normal use and service and when properly installed. The warranty period for Kodiak® standard, recirculating chillers is two years from date of shipment of such apparatus to the original purchaser, maintenance items excluded, and one year from date of shipment of such apparatus to the original purchaser for all other products Lytron sells. See Lytron’s Cooling System Service Policy (F7.02.25) for additional warranty details on systems. Lytron’s obligation under this agreement is limited solely to repair or replacement, at its option, at its factories, of any part or parts thereof, returned to Lytron with transportation charges prepaid, which examination shall disclose to Lytron’s satisfaction to have been defective. THE FOREGOING EXPRESS WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. LYTRON'S OBLIGATION UNDER THIS WARRANTY IS STRICTLY AND EXCLUSIVELY LIMITED TO THE REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT OF DEFECTIVE COMPONENT PARTS AND LYTRON DOES NOT ASSUME OR AUTHORIZE ANYONE TO ASSUME FOR IT ANY OTHER OBLIGATION. LYTRON ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, OR OTHER DAMAGES INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO LOSS OR DAMAGE TO PROPERTY, LOSS OF PROFITS OR REVENUE, LOSS OF THE UNIT, LOSS OF TIME, OR INCONVENIENCE. Lytron’s liability does not include any labor charges for replacement of parts, adjustments, repairs, or any other work done outside its factories or service centers and its liability does not include any resulting damage to persons, property, equipment, goods or merchandise arising out of any defect in or failure of its apparatus. Lytron’s obligation to repair or replace shall not apply to any apparatus which shall have been repaired or altered outside of its factory or service centers in any way, or which has been subject to negligence, to misuse, or to pressures in excess of stated limits. On parts not of Lytron’s manufacture, such as motors, controls, etc., Lytron extends only those warranties given to Lytron, Inc. to the extent Lytron can do so. Lytron’s agreement hereunder runs only to the immediate purchaser from Lytron, Inc. and does not extend, expressly or by implication, to any other person.

Lytron Cooling Systems Service Policy

Lytron’s cooling systems are the product of over 50 years of thermal engineering and manufacturing experience.  We designed them to provide superior reliability, easy maintenance, and worry-free operation. However, occasionally a system may need repair.  To ensure your process is back up and running quickly, Lytron has implemented the following cooling system service policy.

Lytron's Standard Warranty

Lytron's warranty is set forth at the end of the cooling system manual sent with each product.

Diagnostic Consultation

At no cost, Lytron will attempt to diagnose the problem over the phone. Our service department can be reached by calling 781-933-7305 and following the menu or contacting one of our regional Service-Depots. Service technicians are available 24 hours/7 days for consultation. Lytron strongly encourages customers to take advantage of this service before returning a cooling system to Lytron for evaluation. Often a problem with a system can be fixed quickly in-house or it is determined that it is an application problem. By utilizing our service hotline, you can avoid the downtime and expense associated with returning the system to our factory. Phone diagnosis can be difficult and may actually be a trial and error process. Lytron will not assume any liability for misdiagnosis when diagnosing over the phone.

Warranty and Nonwarranty Returns

To return a cooling system, a Lytron Return Material Authorization (RMA) number must be obtained from Lytron’s service department which can be reached by calling 781-933-7300, or by completing the Request-for-RMA form and e-mailing it to Prior to calling Lytron, the system part number, serial number, and a detailed description of the problem must be collected, as this information is required to assign an RMA number.

A credit card or, for existing customers, a purchase order, (PO), is also required for the evaluation and repair charges if Lytron determines the system is not defective as defined by the warranty (see below for more details). The amount suggested will cover the evaluation fee and most repair charges for non-warranty repairs.

The RMA number should be indicated on the outside packaging of the returned unit. Systems must be returned clean, dry, and free from chemicals to Lytron’s factory, shipping costs prepaid. Lytron is not responsible for any damage incurred in the return shipment. Coolant disposal fees may apply for returned units. Please contact your service representative for details.

Debit memos should not be issued for any repair, either warranty nor non-warranty repairs.

Lytron ordinarily will evaluate the unit within 2 or 3 business days of receipt. Lytron will use reasonable effort to repair the unit promptly, in most cases within one week of receiving all of the required parts. Lytron’s warranty covers repair of the unit but Lytron’s warranty does not cover cosmetic issues. If upon examination Lytron determines the system has not failed as defined by the warranty, an evaluation fee will be charged. The evaluation fee will be charged regardless of disposition (i.e.: scrap) and will be credited towards the total repair cost Once the unit has been evaluated by our Service Group, all work will be quoted to the customer before proceeding with the repair. This quote will not cover the repair of cosmetic issues unless specifically requested to do so.

Repair Warranty

Lytron warranties the replacement parts and labor for 90 days from the repair date under the terms of our standard warranty or the balance of the original warranty, whichever is longer.

Return Shipments

Permission to return material plus shipping instructions must be secured from the factory offices of Lytron, Inc. before returning any material. All returns must be unused, in new condition, and of standard manufacture. They are subject to handling charges as stated by us. All authorized return shipments must be made as directed by us and with transportation charges prepaid to point of origin of our shipment unless instructed otherwise. Shipments of material returned without authorization or not prepaid are subject to refusal and immediate return to shipper.

Field Service/Commissioning Charges

Where available, Lytron can arrange field service for cooling system commissioning or repair. Under no circumstances does Lytron’s warranty cover on-site service. All on-site service must be arranged through Lytron’s service department. The charges for this service include an administrative fee, a charge for on-site services provided, any related travel charges, and parts not covered under warranty.

All requests for On-Site Services require a PO or credit card authorization before services will be scheduled.

When using Lytron-arranged, on-site service, Lytron warranties the replacement parts and repair labor for 90 days from the repair date under the terms of our standard warranty or for the balance of the original warranty, whichever is longer. If non-authorized labor repairs the system or installs replacement parts, Lytron does not warranty the parts or work and this action potentially voids any remaining warranty.

Lytron is expanding its worldwide service presence. Please contact the Service Department for the latest areas where on-site service is available.

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts can be ordered using a credit card or purchase order. Parts being returned from systems under warranty should be returned using a Lytron issued RMA number. If the parts are found to be defective and the claim is within the warranty period, credit will be issued for the price of the parts and one-way ground shipping charges. If the parts are not defective or indicate end user damage, no credit will be issued. Lytron will not cover the incremental cost of air shipment of replacement parts, regardless of warranty status.

In-stock parts will normally ship the next business day; non-stocked parts will be shipped as quickly as reasonably possible.

This policy is subject to change. Please check with Lytron’s service department for the current policy.


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