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Cold plates meet demanding contact cooling requirements.

Lytron designs and manufactures cold plates including custom cold plates and standard cold plates. Our cold plate technologies range from tubed cold plates and flat tube cold plates to performance-fin cold plates and liquid-cooled chassis. In a world of compact designs with increasing power densities, cold plates are satisfying demanding contact cooling requirements in applications as diverse as high-powered electronics, lasers, power drives, medical equipment, and military and aerospace. For high watt densities, when air-cooled heat sinks are inadequate, liquid-cooled cold plates are the ideal high-performance heat transfer solution. Download Cold Plate Catalog.

Cold Plates Performance Comparison

Cold Plate Graph Click Image to Enlarge
This cold plate graph compares the normalized thermal resistances of different cold plate technologies, enabling thermal performances to be compared independently of the cold plate part geometries. The lower the thermal resistance, the better the performance of the cold plate. As many cold plates are customized, a range of typical values is shown for each cold plate technology. All cold plate performances are compared using water as the cooling fluid.

Cold Plates Fluid Compatibility

Flat Tube Cold PlateCoolant compatibility with cold plate wetted surfaces must be considered when selecting a cold plate technology. A copper fluid path is compatible with water and most common coolants. Aluminum offers excellent performance with ethylene glycol and water solutions (EGW), oils, and other fluids, but is not compatible with untreated water. A stainless steel fluid path is recommended when using deionized water or other corrosive fluids within a cold plate. The table below shows fluid and cold plate compatibility.

Cold Plates Fluid Compatibility Table

Cold Plate Technology / Coolant Water
Dielectric Fluids
(e.g. Fluorinert™)
Tubed cold plates with copper tubing (CP10, CP12, CP15)
X X        
Tubed cold plates with copper or stainless steel tubing (CP10)
X X X      
Flat tube cold plates - aluminum (CP20)    X   X X X
Performance-fin cold plates - aluminum vacuum brazed (CP30, liquid-cooled chassis   X   X X X
Copper-etched cold plates 
X X   X X X

For more information on Lytron’s cold plates, please contact Lytron at +1-781-933-7300.

Cold Plates
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