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To generate a quote for a standard cooling system, standard cold plate, or standard heat exchanger, please use our Product Selector Tools. For a quote on custom product design and manufacturing or a quote on a large OEM order of standard components or cooling systems, please select and complete our request a quote form below or call +1-781-933-7300. Quote requests are typically responded to within two business days via phone or email.


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* Heat load to be removed:
   Watts    BTU/hr
* Required coolant temperature:
   °C    °F
* Required coolant stability:
   °C    °F
Recirculating coolant type:
* Maximum ambient air temperature:
   °C    °F
Coolant flow rate:
   lpm    gpm
Required coolant pressure:
   bars    psi
Maximum chiller housing (height x width x depth):
   cm    in
Electrical Configuration:
 phase:  3ph    1ph
 hertz:  60Hz    50Hz
Kodiak Options (600W - 5900W):
Check off as many recirculating chiller options as needed.
External Flow Valve ?
5 Micron Water Filter ?
Deionization Package ?
High Purity Plumbing ?
Water Cooled Condenser ?
External Pressure Relief ?
Air Filter ?
Internal Insulation Package ?
Remote Start ?
Anti Siphon ?
0.1°C Setpoint ?
Heater ?
Kodiak Controller (pick one):
Controller Package I: Digital temperature, calibration offset, low flow sensor, auto-restart, °C/°F toggle, audible alarm, and alarm mute.
Controller Package II: Same as Package I plus digital pressure sensing, low level, low/high temp, fault shut off (toggle on/off), relay contacts (configurable as normally open or normally closed)
Controller Package III: Same as Package II plus RS232
Application Information/Notes:
*Quote Quantity:
* Annual Production Requirement:

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For large quantities of standard products or custom product design and manufacturing, please select and complete our request a quote form.