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Conflict Minerals per Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street
Reform Act

The sponsors of the legislation recognized that there are burdensome costs associated with SEC reporting and as such exempted privately held companies from this requirement.

Unfortunately Lytron, Inc. like so many other small privately held corporations cannot bear the cost burden associated with preparing individual customized responses to all of our customers. As such, we have prepared a statement that explains how we are fulfilling our responsibility in relation to the Dodd- Frank Act.

We do not purchase any 3TG minerals directly and we have asked our supply chain partners not to buy these minerals directly from the DRC or surrounding countries. If they find that they have procured 3TG minerals from DRC region, they have been asked to notify us of the details and to look for alternative sources of supply. Please refer to our supplier workbook at to view our supplier communication on 3TG materials. To date, we have not received notification from any supplier that they have purchased 3TG minerals from DRC region.

We appreciate your understanding that the Conflict Mineral program that we have put in place is a good balance between the obligation that Dodd- Frank Act places on privately held corporations and the onerous costs associated with SEC reporting.