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Selecting a MCS™ Modular Cooling System

Ambient Cooling System Graph 1MCS performance is shown as Q/ITD versus flow rate. Q is the heat load, and ITD is the initial temperature difference, or the difference between the MCS liquid inlet temperature and the ambient air temperature.

To select the correct MCS system, you first need to determine Q/ITD. Then, using the MCS performance graph, draw a horizontal line at the calculated Q/ITD value. Finally, check that the pump will provide sufficient flow rate.

A laser produces 700 W of waste heat. The water temperature exiting the laser should be less than 35°C. Ambient room temperature is 20°C. The laser equipment requires a flow rate of at least 1 gpm. Which MCS system should be selected?

First, determine Q/ITD
Q/ITD = 700 W/(35°C-20°C) = 46.7 W/°C

Ambient Cooling System PD Pumps Graph

Using the thermal performance graph, you can see that at flow rates above 0.5 gpm, the MCS20 will provide adequate performance. The standard BB pump offers a flow rate of 1.3 gpm so it will work well. If you are considering an alternative pump, use the pump flow rate calculation to verify that with the given pressure drop, flow rate will be sufficient.

To avoid thermal calculations, use Lytron's Cooling Systems Product Selector tool.