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MacroFlow™ Software: Using the Trial Version

Below is helpful information on using MacroFlow's trial version. To get the most out of your complimentary trial, this information should be reviewed after reading the overview of the MacroFlowTM Software Complimentary Trial Version and Downloading the MacroFlowTM Trial Version.

Documentation and Examples
The installation of MacroFlow contains a document to help you to get started in using the program. It is available as a PDF file in the following location: C:\Program Files(x86)\MacroFlow\MacroFlow 2.95\Documentation\Getting Started.pdf. The contents of this file are also available under the Help menu of the program. Finally, a number of models of air and liquid cooling systems and detailed documentation are provided in the subfolders "Introductory Examples and Practical Examples" within the following folder: C:\Program Files(x86)\MacroFlow\MacroFlow 2.95\Examples.

Use of MacroFlow for the Design of Cooling Systems Utilizing Lytron’s Products
MacroFlow is ideally suited for the design of liquid cooling systems. The flow and thermal characteristics of cold plates and heat exchangers offered by Lytron are already included in the database of component characteristics. Therefore, MacroFlow can be used to analyze any custom cooling system that utilizes Lytron’s cooling products. Further, MacroFlow can be used to study the performance of standard cooling systems offered by Lytron using already constructed models. This is described in the next section.

Use of MacroFlow for Performance Analysis of Lytron’s Standard Cooling Systems
Lytron offers prepackaged cooling systems such as liquid-to-liquid cooling systems (LCS) and modular cooling systems (MCS). Network models of various versions of the LCS and MCS systems have already been constructed using MacroFlow. These models and the corresponding documentation are provided in the subfolder called "Lytron Models" in the examples folder C:\Program Files\MacroFlow\MacroFlow 2.95\Examples. The following table lists these models and the corresponding system configurations.

Models of the Standard Cooling Systems Provided with the MacroFlow Demo

Model Name System Type Pump Heat Exchanger Fluid
LCS20_BG-CG$Lytron$ LCS PD 4.4 gpm LL830 Water
LCS20_DA(60Hz)$Lytron$ LCS Centrifugal DA 60Hz LL830 Water
MCS10_BB$Lytron$ MCS PD 1.3 gpm Lytron Copper Heat Exchanger 6110 Water
MCS10_AB(50Hz)$Lytron$ MCS Centrifugal AB (50Hz) Lytron Copper Heat Exchanger 4110 Water
MCS20_BC$Lytron$ MCS PD 1.8 gpm Lytron Copper Heat Exchanger 6210 Water
MCS20_AB$Lytron$ MCS Centrifugal AB Lytron Copper Heat Exchanger 4210 Water
MCS30_BE$Lytron$ MCS PD 2.3 gpm Lytron Aluminum Heat Exchanger ES0707 Oil

Note that the component library of MacroFlow contains all the pumps (e.g. centrifugal pumps AB and DA and turbine pumps EB/FB) used in the LCS and MCS cooling systems. Thus, users can utilize the above models for the following purposes:

  • Analysis of the performance of a cooling system (e.g. pressure drops and temperatures) for your application by specifying the process pressure drop and heat load.
  • Determination of the system configuration and operating conditions (pump speed, type and frequency of the fan for the heat exchanger) for obtaining optimum flow and thermal performance.
  • Construction models of related versions of the cooling systems by selecting the appropriate pump and heat exchanger combination.

MacroFlow Model of LCS20 Cooling System that Utilizes the DA Centrifugal Pump

MacroFlow LCS20 DA Pump

Restrictions in the Demo Version of MacroFlow
The demo version of MacroFlow includes all capabilities of the standard product. Thus, users can explore use of all features of MacroFlow available for model setup, component library, and postprocessing. The only restrictions on the demo version are as follows:

  • A network model containing more than 20 components cannot be saved or analyzed. No restrictions are placed on constructing and analyzing models containing up to 20 components.
  • A model cannot be saved with a name that contains the string $Lytron$. It is reserved for designating models of the cooling systems offered by Lytron that are provided with the installation.

Technical Support
To obtain technical support in the use of the demo version, please contact Innovative Research, LLC at 1-763-559-5050 or For questions regarding Lytron’s standard or custom products, please contact Lytron at 1-781-933-7300 or