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MacroFlow™ Software Complimentary Trial Version

Innovative Research is offering Lytron's website visitors a complimentary 3-week trial of a demo version of their MacroFlowTM software. The software is a tool for rapid thermal design of electronics systems, and uses the technique of Flow Network Modeling (FNM) for a convenient, fast, and accurate analysis for system-level thermal design. Download the MacroFlow Demo.

MacroFlow Software

About MacroFlow Software Demo

The important features of MacroFlow are as follows:

  • Easy-to-Use Graphical Interface
  • Extensive Component Library with Built-in Correlations
  • Quick and Accurate Solutions
  • Comprehensive Postprocessing

MacroFlow has been extensively validated using experimental measurements. It provides the following productivity benefits in the thermal design of cooling systems:

  • Rapid exploration of many design options
  • Accurate sizing of cooling components
  • Examination of “what-if” scenarios

MacroFlow is being used actively for the design of air-cooled and liquid-cooled electronics systems in computer, telecom, defense, and test equipment applications. Click here for more information about MacroFlow.

Use of MacroFlow for the Design of Cooling Systems Using Lytron’s Cold Plates and Heat Exchangers

MacroFlow is ideally suited for the design of liquid cooling systems. The flow and thermal characteristics of cold plates and heat exchangers offered by Lytron are already included in the database of component characteristics. Therefore, MacroFlow can be used to analyze any custom cooling system that utilizes Lytron’s cooling products. Further, MacroFlow can be used to study the performance of standard cooling systems offered by Lytron using already constructed models. This is described in the next section.

Use of MacroFlow for Performance Analysis of Lytron’s Standard Cooling Systems
Lytron offers standard and modified standard cooling systems such as Liquid-to-Liquid Cooling Systems (LCS) and Modular Cooling Systems (MCS). Network models of various versions of the LCS and MCS systems have already been constructed using MacroFlow.

Users can utilize already constructed models of the standard cooling systems for the following purposes:

  • Analysis of the performance of a cooling system (e.g. pressure drops and fluid temperatures) for your application by specifying the process pressure drop and heat load
  • Determination of the system configuration and operating conditions (pump speed, type, and frequency of the fan for the heat exchanger) for obtaining optimum flow and thermal performance
  • Construction models of related versions of the cooling systems by selecting the appropriate pump and heat exchanger combination

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