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Lytron designs and manufactures custom and standard cold plates, heat exchangers, and cooling systems for removing the heat from traction drives, large industrial converters, high voltage direct current (HVDC), uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), and more.

Liquid Cooling Trains 
 Cold Plate CP30 Internal
 IGBT cooling, photo courtesy of CT-Concept Technologie AG
 oil cooler
Today’s power generation, conversion, and distribution require effective cooling. As heat loads continue to increase, more and more OEM’s are turning to liquid cooling to remove high watt density heat loads. Cold plates, heat exchangers, and ambient cooling systems are a few of the cooling technologies used for liquid cooling in power applications.

At the system level, you’ll see Lytron’s products used for traction converters, frequency converters, auxiliary converters, variable speed drives, variable frequency drives, amplifiers, power supplies, and more. At the component level, our products are used for liquid cooling of diodes, transistors, thyristors, capacitors, resistors, and rectifiers including IGBT, IGCT, GTO, or MOSFET.

Review our "Six Cool IGBTs Case Study."

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