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Lytron's cold plates, recirculating chillers, cooling systems, heat exchangers, and assemblies are used in many applications in many industries.

Helicopter Liquid Cooling  Liquid Cooling Medical Equipment  Laser Cooling  Cooling Datacenters  Liquid Cooling Windmills  Liquid Cooling Trains  Cooling Semiconductor Equipment 

Our liquid cooling products can be found in hundreds of applications in industries such as military/aerospace, medical, laser, datacom, power generation, traction, semiconductor, analytical instruments, and more. Below is a partial list of the applications that use our thermal management products. Request a quote today or call Lytron at +1-781-933-7300 to discuss your application.

 Cooling Applications
 Cold Plates  Recirculating Chillers  Liquid-to-Liquid Cooling Systems  Ambient Cooling Systems  Plate-Fin Heat Exchangers  Oil Coolers / Flat Tube  Tube-Fin Heat Exchangers
 Aircraft Engines         x x  
 Analytical Instrumentation x x x x      
 Analytical Samples x x   x      
 Compressors             x
 Diffusion Pumps   x          
 Electron Microscopes   x          
 Electronic Cooling x   x       x
 FTIR Analytical
  x x        
 Heat Recovery             x
 High-Speed Spindles       x   x  
 Hydraulic Fluid           x  
 ICP Analytical
 Industrial Lasers x x x x     x
 Industrial Machine Tools x x x x   x x
 Medical Equipment x x x x   x x
 Medical Lasers x x x x     x
 Laser x x x x     x
 Peltier Modules x            
 Power Supplies x     x     x
 Printing Presses   x          
 Pumps   x          
 RF Generators/Transmitters x     x      
 Semiconductor Wafers x            
 Service Multiple Cooling
  x x        
 Solder Reflow Ovens   x   x      
 Thermoelectric Modules x            
 Turbo Pumps   x          
 Water-Cooled Optics x x   x x    
 X-ray Tubes           x