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Oil Coolers ES Series are flat tube aluminum heat exchangers engineered for high performance with poor heat transfer fluids such as oils and EGW.

Oil Cooler ES0714 Heat Exchanger

Oil coolers ES series are designed for optimum cooling with poor heat transfer fluids such as oil and Ethylene Glycol/Water (EGW) mixture. Our oil coolers provide up to 2.5 times greater thermal performance per unit volume than competitive oil cooler models. The aluminum flat tube fluid channels in the oil coolers are vacuum brazed with aluminum fin and a frame for a rugged and lightweight construction. These oil coolers are ideal for liquid cooling x-ray tubes, aircraft engines, hydraulic fluid, high speed spindles, and more.

High performance: The oil coolers use Lytron's unique aluminum flat tube technology, which has multiple extended surface channels in each tube. These tubes provide maximum cooling by having a large surface area in contact with the fluid (approximately 12 in² (77 cm²)/linear inch of tube). Lytron's air-side fin geometry efficiently channels air across the fin surface to further boost heat transfer capability.

Clean and reliable: The fluxless vacuum-brazed construction of the oil coolers results in a clean, rugged, and highly reliable heat exchanger with excellent thermal contact and mechanical strength.

Low pressure drop: Our oil coolers' flat tube fluid channels and efficient header manifold result in a very low pressure drop so smaller, less expensive pumps can be used.

Lightweight: The oil coolers' all-aluminum, vacuum-brazed construction is lightweight.

Standard oil coolers can be purchased from Lytron's online store We ship worldwide to over 100 countries. Lytron also accepts standard oil cooler orders from OEMs for 10 or more oil coolers and/or for prototyping purposes.

Please review oil cooler specifications, options, and ordering information.

Need a custom oil cooler? Request a custom oil cooler quote today. (Minimum quantities apply.)

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