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Copper 6000 Series and OEM Coils heat exchangers offer high performance and reliability

Heat Exchangers 6000 Series & OEM Coils

Both the OEM Coils and 6000 Series copper tube-fin heat exchangers offer high performance and reliability. The OEM Coils heat exchanger has aluminum fins and is unpainted with galvanized steel side plates. The 6000 Series heat exchanger has a different tube configuration, uses copper fins, is painted black for corrosion resistance, and includes a fan plate. OEM Coils are best suited for the price-sensitive customer in applications where the appearance of the heat exchanger is not critical, such as when the heat exchanger is hidden inside of the equipment. The 6000 Series is an attractive, high performance heat exchanger that delivers efficient heat transfer and maximum reliability in a compact package.

Engineered for performance: The OEM Coils and 6000 Series are both engineered for performance. The seamless copper tubes are expanded into the fin with an extruded full collar that ensures excellent metal-to-metal contact to optimize thermal performance. However, with the 6000 Series, the higher tube density results in maximum heat transfer.

Reliable, leak-free, and robust: Our thick-walled (0.028˝/0.7 mm) seamless copper tubing and fluxless silver-brazed joints ensure the integrity of the fluid path. All OEM Coils and 6000 Series heat exchangers are also pressure tested to 150 psi (10.3 bar) to guarantee reliability. The 6000 Series units are electro-static dip painted for long life even in corrosive or harsh environments.

Compatible with a range of coolants: The OEM Coils and 6000 Series are compatible with water, Ethylene Glycol/Water (EGW) solutions, and other common coolants.

Standard heat exchangers can be purchased from Lytron's online store We ship worldwide to over 100 countries. Lytron also accepts standard heat exchanger orders from OEM's for 10 or more heat exchangers and/or for prototyping purposes.

Please review heat exchangers specifications, options, and ordering information.

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