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Heat Exchangers


Tube-Fin Heat Exchangers

Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

Our tube-fin heat exchangers consist of copper or stainless steel tubes expanded into copper or aluminum fin. Tube-fin heat exchangers are cost effective and offer good heat removal for a wide range of applications including lasers, electronics, compressor cooling, semiconductor processing equipment, and solder reflow ovens. Our copper tubed 6000 Series and OEM coils, and stainless steel tubed Aspen and 4000 Series offer compatibility with a wide range of common coolants.

Copper 6000 Series & OEM Coils

The copper 6000 series heat exchangers have copper tubing expanded into copper cooling fins. The 6000 Series heat exchangers are electro-static dip painted for hostile environments and all units are supplied with built-in, fan-ready mounting hardware. The copper OEM coils are the ideal solution for large volume, price sensitive users who need a high quality, cost effective part but do not require the additional features of the 6000 Series.

Stainless Steel Aspen & 4000 Series

The stainless steel Aspen heat exchanger combines low price and low pressure drop with excellent heat transfer and superior fluid integrity. The 4000 Series heat exchanger is our highest performing stainless steel tubed heat exchanger. It is ideal for applications where deionized water or corrosive fluids are used, and a high efficiency, compact unit is required.

Standard heat exchangers can be purchased from our online store, or from one of our distributors. Lytron also accepts standard heat exchanger orders from OEMs for 10 or more heat exchangers and/or for prototyping purposes.

Standard Tube-Fin Heat Exchangers
6000 Series and OEM Coils Copper Heat Exchangers Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers