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Brazed-Plate Liquid-to-Liquid Heat Exchangers for Maximum Performance

Heat Exchanger Liquid-to-Liquid Brazed Plate

Lytron’s brazed-plate heat exchangers are unsurpassed for liquid-to-liquid heat transfer. Their innovative design packs maximum performance into a compact and reliable package. The herringbone construction allows for maximum heat transfer making this heat exchanger extremely efficient. The liquid-to-liquid brazed plate heat exchanger is a highly reliable and rugged part with stainless steel sheets brazed together at the edges and at a matrix of contact points. Compatible with a wide range of fluids, we offer copper-brazed for water, EGW, and other common coolants, or nickel-brazed for high purity and other corrosive coolants.

High performance in a small package: Lytron’s liquid-to-liquid heat exchangers are up to 80-90% smaller in volume and weight than a conventional shell-and-tube design. The counterflow design utilizes stainless steel sheets stamped with a herringbone pattern of grooves, stacked in alternating directions to form separate flow channels for the two liquid streams. This allows 90% of the material to be used for heat transfer, making it extremely efficient.

High reliability: The plates are brazed together at the edges and at a matrix of contact points between sheets, ensuring that the heat exchangers are highly reliable and rugged.

Copper-brazed and nickel-brazed versions for compatibility with a wide range of fluids: We offer copper-brazed units for use with water, EGW, and other common coolants. Our nickel-brazed units are appropriate for use with deionized water, high purity, and corrosive fluids.

High operating temperatures and pressures: Copper-brazed units can be operated at temperatures of up to 383°F (195°C) and pressures up to 450 psig (31 bar). Nickel-brazed units can be operated at temperatures of up to 662°F (350°C) and pressures up to 232 psig (16 bar).

Standard heat exchangers can be purchased from Lytron's online store We ship worldwide to over 100 countries. Lytron also accepts standard heat exchanger orders from OEM's for 10 or more heat exchangers and/or for prototyping purposes.

Please review heat exchangers specifications, options, and ordering information.

Need a custom heat exchanger? Request a custom heat exchanger quote today. (Minimum quantities apply.)

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