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Custom Flat Tube Oil Coolers, Condensers, and Heat Exchangers

High capacity oil cooler heat exchanger

Lytron’s aluminum heat exchangers offer superior heat transfer. They are vacuum-brazed in an environmentally controlled room for maximum cleanliness, quality, and reliability. With our numerically controlled vacuum brazing process and robust fixture designs, we can ensure complete metallurgical bonding between the fins and the separator plates or flat tubes. This guarantees ruggedness and leak-free operation. Lytron operates several vacuum brazing ovens, including one that can braze parts up to 10 feet (3.05 m) long and 3 feet 2 inches (0.97 m) wide.

Lytron’s vacuum-brazed, extruded flat tube technology is used in oil coolers, condensers, and more. Flat tube technology allows for many customization possibilities. Four different flat tube widths are available, and the length and the number of tubes can be varied. The flat tube can also be bent into a 1/4˝ (6.35 mm) inside radius without buckling, so heat exchangers can be manufactured in a curved shape if needed. Custom fittings and manifolds can be added, and flat tube heat exchangers can be painted or anodized for extra protection.

Please view our custom solution gallery below, which shows a sample of some of the custom flat tube heat exchangers we've manufactured.

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Custom Solution Gallery
Flat Tube Heat Exchanger to Cool Hydraulics
Custom flat tube oil cooler with curved tubes
Air Cooled Condenser
Commercial condenser with a single piece of aluminum flat tube
Heat exchanger with a custom inlet and outlet configuration
See more custom heat exchanger solutions.

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