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LCS20™ liquid-to-liquid cooling systems have cooling capacities up to 20 kW.

Liquid-to-Liquid Cooling System

Lytron’s LCS20 (liquid-to-liquid cooling system) offers precise temperature control of process water and transfers the waste heat to your facility water via a liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger. It is an excellent solution for high heat-load or high ambient temperature applications where chilled facility water is available.

Large cooling capacity in a compact package: An LCS20 cooling system is a great solution for high heat loads where space is at a premium. With 20 kW of cooling, our LCS20 provides over three times the capacity of a comparably-sized recirculating chiller.

Tight temperature control: We maintain the fluid temperature to within ±0.5°C, despite fluctuations in the facility water temperature and flow rate. Our PID controller varies the facility water flow rate through the heat exchanger based on the process water temperature to achieve this stability.

Contamination-free: The process cooling loop of the LCS20 is isolated from the facility water. This separation protects your equipment, keeping it free from facility water contaminants. It also eliminates the risk of condensation near your equipment if the facility water is below the dew point.

Reliable, quiet, and energy efficient: The LCS20 system contains very few moving parts — this makes it inherently reliable and quiet. The only components requiring power are the pump, motor, and controller, so it is also extremely energy efficient.

ITSNA tested to UL 61010A-1 and CE certified

Standard liquid-to-liquid cooling systems can be purchased directly from Lytron or from one of Lytron’s distributors.

Please review the liquid-to-liquid cooling systems specifications, options, and ordering information.

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