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Modular Cooling Systems (MCS™) have cooling capacities up to 3.5 kW.

Modular Cooling System

An ambient MCS™ is a cost-effective and reliable alternative to refrigerated chillers for applications where precise temperature control and cooling below ambient temperature are not required. It consists of a high performance Lytron heat exchanger integrated with a fan, pump, and tank in a durable metal chassis.

Extremely efficient: All components are performance-matched for maximum cooling capacity. Lytron has more than 50 years of experience in thermal design, so you can be sure that the most critical component of the MCS, the heat exchanger, is designed for optimum performance.

Easy-to-operate: This easy-to-use, turnkey cooling package takes the guesswork and effort out of building a cooling loop. All you need to do is fill the tank and flip the switch.

Compatible with a range of coolants: We offer systems with copper heat exchangers for use with water, stainless steel heat exchangers for use with deionized water, and aluminum heat exchangers for use with oil or Ethylene Glycol/Water mixture (EGW). This ensures that we have a product optimized for virtually any cooling fluid.

19˝ (48 cm) rack mount version available: Integration into your system is simple with our rack-mounted versions (MCS20 and MCS30).

Extremely reliable: All components in the MCS have been designed for long life and high reliability—a Lytron MCS will provide years of trouble-free operation.

ITSNA tested to UL 61010A-1 and CE certified

Standard ambient cooling systems can be purchased directly from from our online store

Please review ambient cooling systems specifications, options, and ordering information.

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