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Custom ambient cooling systems provide cost-effective liquid cooling and can be customized in many ways.

Ambient Cooling System

A liquid-to-air cooling system, also known as an ambient cooling system or Modular Cooling System (MCS), provides cost-effective cooling for applications that don’t require a recirculating chiller, tight temperature control, or cooling below ambient temperature. An MCS consists of a heat exchanger, a fan, a pump, a reservoir, and a controller. MCSs can be customized in numerous ways to meet challenging thermal and mechanical requirements.

Below are examples of how Lytron can customize an ambient cooling system to meet a customer’s specifications.

Please view our custom solution gallery below, which shows a sample of some of our custom MCS's we've manufactured.

Request a custom ambient cooling system quote today or call Lytron at +1-781-933-7300 to discuss your application.

Custom Solution Gallery
Compact and Cost-Effective Modular Cooling System
Ambient Cooling System for Medical Equipment
Ambient Cooling System for Medical Laser
Modular Cooling System for MRI
Cooling System for Process Automation Equipment

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