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Standard tubed CP10, CP12, & CP15 Cold Plates

Standard Cold Plates

Lytron’s standard tubed cold plates provide cost-effective thermal solutions for component cooling applications where the heat load is low-to-moderate. Our tubed cold plates consist of copper or stainless steel tubes pressed into a channeled aluminum extrusion.

Superior thermal performance: Our tubed cold plates are manufactured using Lytron’s proprietary Press-Lock technology, which mechanically locks the tubes into the aluminum plate. Press-Lock technology eliminates the need for performance-limiting epoxy between the tube and the plate, resulting in superior thermal performance. Compared to similar tubed cold plates, the CP12 cold plate offers 30% better performance and the CP15 offers 40% to 50% better performance.

Compatible with water and a range of coolants: Copper tubes are compatible with water and most other common coolants, while stainless steel tubes can be used with deionized water or corrosive fluids.

Reliable and leak-free: Each tubed cold plate has a single tube with no joint, ensuring leak-free operation.

Dual-sided mounting option: The tubes of the CP12 and CP15 cold plates are coplanar with the plate to allow for dual-sided mounting. The cold plate's tube side offers higher performance as the copper tubes are in direct contact with the component being cooled.

Standard cold plates can be purchased from Lytron's online store We ship worldwide to over 100 countries. Lytron also accepts standard cold plate orders from OEM's for 10 or more cold plates and/or for prototyping purposes.

Please review cold plate specifications, options, and ordering information.

Need a custom cold plate? Request a custom cold plate quote today. (Minimum quantities apply.)

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