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Our standard CP30 aluminum vacuum-brazed cold plate offers high performance and is ideal for prototyping.

CP30 Aluminum Vacuum-Brazed Cold Plate

Performance-fin cold plates offer extremely high performance and consist of two plates vacuum-brazed together with internal fin. Our standard performance-fin cold plate is our aluminum CP30. It offers a large 7.8˝ x 11˝ (198 mm x 279 mm) mounting area so it is ideal for both board and multiple component liquid cooling in high heat load applications. The CP30 cold plate is designed for prototyping purposes; most volume applications require customized cold plates tailored to precisely match performance and geometric requirements.

Excellent performance: The CP30 cold plate contains high performance corrugated aluminum fin brazed into the cavity beneath the mounting surface of the cold plate. The fin creates turbulence, which minimizes the fluid boundary layer and reduces thermal resistance.

Ideal for prototyping: The cold plate is a standard part designed for prototyping purposes. It is flat on both sides to allow dual-sided mounting, and the surface on one side is 0.5˝ (13 mm) thick to enable machining, drilling, and tapping for board/component attachment.

Highly reliable and leak-free: Lytron’s state-of-the-art vacuum brazing process guarantees reliable and leak-free cold plates.

Standard cold plates can be purchased from Lytron's online store We ship worldwide to over 100 countries. Lytron also accepts standard cold plate orders from OEMs for 10 or more cold plates and/or for prototyping purposes.

Please review CP30 cold plate specifications, options, and ordering information.

Need a custom cold plate? Request a custom cold plate quote today. (Minimum quantities apply.)

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