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Cold Plates

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View cold plate drawings available in pdf, igs and STEP formats.

Cold plate drawing

This section contains product drawings for Lytron's cold plates. Postscript files are available for all standard components. These files require Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be obtained free from Adobe. For some products, we offer 3D Models, in an .igs and STEP format, which can be imported into your 3D CAD System. If you are looking for an .igs, or STEP, drawing that is not available, please contact our Applications Engineering Department at +1-781-933-7300.

If you would like to send us a drawing, click here for a list of acceptable formats.

Cold Plates (CP Series)
Lytron Part NumberPDFs3D CAD ModelsSTEPs
CP10G01CP10GXX  CP10G01CP10G01
CP10G03CP10GXX  CP10G03CP10G03
CP10G05CP10GXX  CP10G05CP10G05
CP10G07CP10GXX  CP10G07CP10G07
CP10G14CP10GXX  CP10G14CP10G14
CP10G16CP10GXX  CP10G16CP10G16
CP10G18CP10GXX  CP10G18CP10G18
CP10G20CP10GXX  CP10G20CP10G20
CP12G01CP12GXX  CP12G01CP12G01
CP12G05CP12GXX  CP12G05CP12G05
CP15G01CP15GXX  CP15G01CP15G01
CP15G05CP15GXX  CP15G05CP15G05
CP20G01CP20G01  CP20G01CP20G01
CP20G03CP20G03  CP20G03CP20G03
CP30G01CP30G01  CP30G01CP30G01