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Liquid-Cooled Chassis for Exceptionally High Performance

Liquid-Cooled Chassis

Liquid-cooled chassis are used in military and aerospace applications and other high performance applications because they offer excellent heat transfer in a ruggedized, lightweight package. They are manufactured from aluminum cold plates that have aluminum fin vacuum-brazed or Friction Stir Welded (FSW) into the sidewalls. Since all of Lytron's liquid-cooled chassis are custom designed, we can supply you with the most efficient, compact, and lightweight part possible. The inlet and outlet locations, the fluid path, and the slot widths and configurations are all custom designed to your specifications.  

Please view our custom solution gallery below, which shows a sample of some of the custom liquid-cooled chassis we've manufactured.

Request a custom cold plate quote today or call Lytron at +1-781-933-7300 to discuss your application.

Custom Solution Gallery
Liquid-Cooled Electronic Chassis for Commercial Aircraft
Custom Liquid Cooled Chassis
Air-Cooled Chassis
Liquid-Cooled Chassis for Electronics Cooling
See more custom cold plate solutions.

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