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Cold Plate Assemblies for Fast and Easy Thermal Solution Integration

Cold Plate Assembly

Our expertise goes well beyond components. We understand what is needed for seamless integration of your component into your system. An assembly can be as simple as a cold plate with hoses, or as complex as a cold plate with a heat exchanger, fans, and more. Value-added components may include:

We source the components for value-added assemblies through our robust supply chain management program or work with customer supplied components so that your cold plate integration goes as smoothly as possible. By working with Lytron on the design and manufacture of your assembly, you can achieve:

  • An innovative, high quality cold plate assembly
  • A reduction in suppliers and part numbers
  • A reduction in subassembly costs due to Lytron’s purchasing power and efficient manufacturing
  • Faster time to market
  • More time for you to focus on your final product

Please view our custom solution gallery below, which shows a sample of some of the custom cold plate assemblies we've manufactured.

Request a custom cold plate quote today or call Lytron at +1-781-933-7300 to discuss your application.

Custom Solution Gallery
High-Performance Air-Cooled Cold Plate
Value-Added Cold Plate Assembly
Custom Cold Plates & Heat Exchanger Assembly
Custom Vacuum-Brazed Cold Plate Assembly
Custom Aluminum Cold Plate with Fittings and Hoses
Cold Plate Assembly with Heat Exchanger and Fan
CP30 Cold Plate with IGBTs
Cold Plate Assembly for Medical X-Ray Equipment
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