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Lytron’s process for creating custom products includes technical specification, design engineering, prototyping and testing, and production.

Technical Specification

Lytron Technical Specification Engineering Meeting
Lytron Design Engineering
Lytron Manufacturing Prototyping and Testing
Lytron Production

Every new custom liquid cooling product, including cold plates, chillers, cooling systems, and heat exchangers, begins with a detailed technical specification. We review your performance, physical envelope, and other technical specifications and fully understand your delivery schedule, cost targets, and implementation needs. These parameters form the basis for our design process.

Design Engineering

Our design engineers select the technology that best meets your thermal and size requirements, and use state-of-the-art analytical and modeling tools to work through all thermal, material, fluid path and inlet and outlet design issues. They work closely with our manufacturing engineers to ensure that the product can be manufactured cost effectively. Throughout the design process, we are in constant contact with your engineering team to ensure that our design fulfills all your technical, cost, and delivery requirements.

Prototyping and Testing

Once a design is approved, we manufacture a prototype. Every prototype build starts with a kick off meeting so that everyone involved, including design and manufacturing engineering, sales, production control, factory management, and purchasing, understands the job requirements. After the prototype is built, our well-equipped in-house engineering lab can test the thermal performance and other technical specifications as necessary.


Once in production, we work with you to support the product. We improve the design based on your feedback, implementing cost-reduction programs where possible, and developing the next generation product. Our worldwide network of service centers and 24/7 telephone and web assistance provide additional support for our products.

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