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Acceptable Drawing Formats

Lytron's primary CAD system is SolidWorks. Files generated from another system can also be used. Please use the following guidelines for file transfer.

3D Models

Solid models are the preferred choice but we can also accept surface models and wire frame models. The 3D files formats we can accept are:

  • Parasolid .x_t
  • Parasolid Binary .x_b
  • Iges .igs
  • Step AP203 .step
  • Step AP214 .step
  • ACIS .sat
  • STL .stl

When transferring Solidworks files, they should be bundled in a single WinZip file. When transferring assemblies from other systems, a single STEP or IGES file should be created containing all parts. In cases where the geometry of the parts in the assembly is complex, a set of STEP or IGES files for each of the parts, in addition to assembly file, is recommended for complete data transfer.


For drawings we can handle native AutoCAD .dwg, .dxf, and .cad files. If the drawing references a model, please send the model also.

Receiving Files

You can email files less than 10 MB to Lytron. Please send the file to your sales engineer and s/he will forward it to our Engineering Department. For larger files we can use our or your ftp site. We can accept files mailed on zip, jazz, DVD's or CD's. We will not be able to return the disks.

If you have any questions about transferring drawings, contact your sales engineer or our Applications Department for more information.