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Liquid-to-liquid cooling systems can be ordered from Lytron or from one of our distributors.

Order directly from Lytron by calling +1-781-933-7300. Standard systems can also be ordered from one of our international distributors.

First Select Your Model Number
    LCS 20
Cooling capacity1  

20 kW (68 kBTU/Hr) at 4.3 GPM process
and 10 GPM facility water flow rate and 20°C
Initial Temperature Difference (ITD)

Temperature stability   ± 0.5°C
Fluid connections   3⁄4˝ FNPT
Reservoir capacity   6 gal / 22 liters
Coolant temperature range   50°F to 140°F / 10°C to 60°C
Facility water temperature range   50°F to 95°F / 10°C to 35°C
Ambient temperature range   41°F to 104°F / 5°C to 40°C
Facility flow rate   2 to 10 gpm / 8 to 38 lpm
Facility pressure   100 psi / 7 bar max
Facility pressure drop   15 psi / 1 bar at max flow
Dimensions (W x D x H) inches
21.4 x 27.8 x 31.9
543 x 705 x 810


Next, Pick An Electrical Configuration
 Electrical configurations and full load amperage1  
 G01: 100-120V, 50/60 Hz


 J01: 200-240V, 50/60 Hz



Now, Select A Pump
 Pump options 
 BG: PDP2, Brass, 4.3 gpm/16.3 lpm  x 
 CG: PDP2, 3, Stainless Steel, 4.3 gpm/16.3 lpm  o 
 DA: Centrifugal, 1⁄4 HP4   o 
 EB: Turbine, 1⁄2 HP4   o 
 FB: Turbine, Stainless Steel, 1⁄2 HP3,4   o 
Select Your Controller
 Controller options 
 Package 1: 
Digital temperature display, °C/°F toggle, over-temperature indicator, calibration offset
 Package 2:
Package 1 plus low level indicator, low flow indicator, analog output
Add Any Additional Options
 Available options (full descriptions of these options can be found below) 
External flow valve  o 
External pressure relief valve  o 
5 micron water filter5   o 
DI water cartridge5   o 
High purity plumbing  o 
Heater6  o 
Internal insulation package  o 
To Arrive At A Part Number

LCS  20  G01  BG  1  M__ = An LCS 20, 100-120V, 50/60 Hz, with BG pump and controller package 1 
A 4 digit option code will be assigned at time of order, based on selected options

 x = standard o = available option

1With standard pump 2PDP = Positive Displacement Pump.3Only available with high purity plumbing 4Actual flow rate depends on system pressure drop. 5Not available with DA pump. 6Not available with G01 electrical configuration.

Cooling System LCS Options

Option Benefit
 Protection Options 
 External flow valve: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. A manually adjustable globe valve installed on the back of the LCS in parallel with the LCS coolant supply/return. Allows the operator to control the flow rate to the application. As the external flow valve is opened, more of the flow bypasses the application.
 External pressure relief valve: A manually adjustable pressure relief valve (50 to 100 psig) installed on the back of the LCS in parallel with the LCS coolant supply/return. Allows the LCS to continue to run and maintain temperature if the flow to the application is interrupted. When flow to the application is stopped, the pressure relief valve opens and bypasses flow to the LCS’s return. It can also be used to prevent the LCS supply from exceeding a predetermined pressure setting.
 5 micron water filter: Externally mounted on the supply from the LCS. Filters process coolant being supplied to the application, protecting equipment from blockage or damage due to particulate buildup.
 Special Applications Options 
 Heater: Submerged 2,000 Watt electric resistance heater with built-in over temperature shut-off (non-adjustable). Allows LCS to reach elevated set points faster (useful for applications in cold start-up situations or where the coolant set point is frequently cycled). This feature does not extend the coolant temperature range of the LCS.
 Internal insulation package: Insulated tank, pump head, and coolant lines. Eliminates condensation forming on the components in contact with the fluid when operating LCS at set points below the ambient dew-point.
 Fluid Compatibility Options 
 Deionization (DI) water cartridge: LCSs come with an externally mounted DI cartridge (no indicator light) on the return to the LCS. Filters ions from coolant to maintain a fluid resistivity level between 1 and 3 megohm/cm by partial flow through the resin bed. This feature does not include a resistivity indicator light. High purity plumbing is recommended with the DI water cartridge.
 High purity plumbing: Includes nickel-brazed heat exchanger and nickel-plated or nylon fittings compatible with DI water. Not compatible with brass pumps. All wetted materials are fully compatible with DI water to prevent component corrosion.

Cooling System LCS Controllers

Controller Option Functionality Controller Package
   1   2 
Digital temperature display Easy-to-read display in either °C or °F.  x   x 
°C/°F toggle Enables temperature display to be viewed in °C or °F.  x   x 
Over-temperature indicator Alerts user that the coolant temperature is over the user’s defined set point limits.  x   x 
Calibration offset Allows temperature display to be offset to represent the temperature at a different point within the cooling circuit.  x   x 
Low level indicator Alerts user that the coolant level in the reservoir is at a critically low level (approaching the level of the pump’s suction line).    x 
Low flow indicator Alerts user to a lack of coolant flow.    x 
Analog output Allows user to monitor pump discharge temperature remotely    x 

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