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Cooling Systems

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Liquid to Liquid Cooling Systems

Description Part Number Photo

No parts associated to display.

Description Part Number Photo

5” Water Filters RC006/045, MCS40/50 (minimum order 10)

330-0022 5” Water Filters

Filter Housing 5” (½” FNPT)

330-0024A Filter Housing
Hardware & Plumbing
Description Part Number Photo

Caster, 3” w/Swivel and Brake

531-0017 Caster, 3” w/Swivel and Brake

Front Grill - RC030/045

340-0017 Front Grill - RC030/45

Hose, PVC 1/2 inch Reinforced (Price per foot)

101608-05 Hose, PVC 1/2 inch Reinforced

O-RING for 5” and 10” Filter Housing

430-0257 O-RING

Reservoir Lid

340-0023 Reservoir Cap
Pumps Motors
Description Part Number Photo

Pump, PD Brass 4.3 GPM 60 PSI (BG)

205-0007 Cooling System Pump, PD Brass

Motor, 1/2 hp, 115/230VAC (H or J, 4.3GPM)

230-0203 Motor