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Workforce Training Fund Grant

Lytron Awarded Workforce Training Fund GrantLytron Awarded Workforce Training Fund Grant

January 9, 2012, Woburn, MA, USA: In August of 2011, Lytron was awarded a $106,800 grant for an employee training and professional development project. Lytron will be using the grant to pay for trainings for more than 150 employees at its Massachusetts facility. Lytron is matching the grant award with a total time investment of more than 6,000 employee hours. The training project, which will be largely focused on lean manufacturing, is expected to help improve overall product quality and first pass yields of custom products. It is also expected to help Lytron identify ways to further increase efficiency under its current lean manufacturing program.

According to Lytron's Vice President of Operations Kathleen Schoonmaker, "We were thrilled to have been selected as a grant recipient. In addition to enhancing our current employee training program and helping our employees grow professionally, the grant will also help us to continue to remain cost-competitive in the global thermal management industry." The training programs include Lean Awareness and Tools for shop floor employees, Value Stream Mapping, Standard Work and Visual Instruction, Problem Solving and Corrective Action, Kaizen Events, and Train-the-Trainer. The grant will also be used for training to achieve a market specific welding certification.

To be eligible for the grant, Lytron was required to demonstrate the need for the training, the positive impact the training would have on the organization, and the company's fiscal responsibility. The project is funded by a Workforce Training Fund grant through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. The grant program is administered by the Commonwealth Corporation.