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Lytron Acquires Lydall Industrial Thermal Solutions, Inc (“Affinity”)

Affinity Chillers

June 30, 2011, Woburn, MA, USA: Lytron announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Lydall Industrial Thermal Solutions, Inc (“Affinity”) from Lydall, Inc (NYSE). Affinity is a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance industrial chillers and liquid-to-liquid cooling systems for the semiconductor, laser, and industrial markets.

Craig Carswell, President and CEO of Lytron says, “The acquisition of Affinity will strengthen partnerships with new and existing customers, leveraging our complementary technologies, products, manufacturing capabilities, and global coverage. Affinity’s product offering and expertise in low and high temperature chillers, systems that are compatible with dielectric fluids, rack-mounted chillers, and liquid cooling systems enhances Lytron’s strengths in cold plates, heat exchangers, and thermal systems. By broadening Lytron’s technologies we will be able to address all of our customers’ liquid cooling needs.”

Carswell adds, “The experience of Lytron’s and Affinity’s engineers also complements each other, further improving our ability to solve the most challenging thermal requirements. The combined engineering organization has extensive experience designing custom products for diverse markets. Additionally, joining service organizations will expand both companies’ service networks. Equipment uptime and responsiveness will dramatically improve with our combined resources.”

Lytron plans to maintain Affinity’s headquarters and manufacturing facility in Ossipee, NH, as well as the Affinity sales and service centers located around the world.

Founded in 1990 and acquired by Lydall in 2001, Affinity is a leading North American producer of highly engineered thermal management systems that precisely control operating temperatures of advanced manufacturing equipment and analytical tools. Affinity’s thermal management solutions—including chillers, heat exchangers, and product maintenance and service—are sold to leading customers in the semiconductor, laser, and general industrial markets.

Lydall, Inc. is a New York Stock Exchange listed company, headquartered in Manchester, Connecticut. The Company, with operations in the U.S., France, the Netherlands, and Germany, and sales offices in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, focuses on manufacturing specialty engineered products for the thermal/acoustical and filtration/separation markets. Lydall® is a registered trademark of Lydall, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. All product names are trademarks of Lydall, Inc. or Charter Medical, Ltd.

Based in Woburn, MA, Lytron Inc. manufactures custom cold plates, heat exchangers, assemblies, and cooling systems for OEMs and end users. The company’s products are primarily used in the medical, laser, military, commercial aerospace, traction, power generation, power electronics, analytical, and semiconductor markets.

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