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Complimentary Software Helps Data Centers Configure Cooling Systems

Data Center Cooling System Software

February 4, 2010, Woburn, MA, USA: Lytron announced today that it has launched complimentary cooling system configuration software for data centers. The software assists data center facility managers in determining the number of Coolant Distribution Units (CDUs) required to supply their liquid cooled cabinets. The data center manager or engineer can select the specific make and model of his or her liquid cooled cabinets and, based on the selection, the software will be automatically populated with the required flows and temperatures. The software can also be used to run thermal calculations for custom cabinet cooling configurations.

Other features of the software include the ability for the data center manager or engineer to solve for various factors, including the required number of CDUs, minimum secondary fluid temperature, or maximum fluid temperature. The data center software user can move “sliders” on various parameters to see the impact on the calculated term.

“The data center software really simplifies configuring your liquid cooling system and allows the user to quickly see the impact that changing flow rates, temperatures, and heat loads might have,” notes Lytron’s Director of Business Development Kathryn Whitenack, “As with our other complimentary software tools, this software doesn’t require any thermal calculations by the user.”

CDU’s offer several benefits for data centers over other cooling technologies. A CDU can prevent condensation by delivering coolant to the rack, equipment, or electronics above the dew point. It also allows for isolation of the electronics from facility water while minimizing the coolant volume near the technology so that a coolant leak would be less catastrophic.

Lytron designs and manufactures the LCS50 CDU. The LCS50 has a 150kW of cooling capacity and can be customized in numerous ways for easy integration into the data center. It has two electrical configuration options, four controller package options, and two fluid inlet and outlet location options. The LCS50 also offers many features to ensure fault tolerant operation and to maximize uptime, including redundant pumps, variable frequency drives that run the pumps, and dual modulating valves. Both the pumps and the valves are hot-swappable. The LCS50 accommodates dual power sources and features visual alarms for low/high temperature, low flow, low pressure, pump, power, sensor failure monitoring, and more.

Lytron designs and manufactures custom and standard cold plates, heat exchangers, assemblies, and cooling systems for OEMs and end users. The company’s products are primarily used in the data center, power electronics, medical, laser, military, commercial aerospace, analytical, and semiconductor markets. Lytron sells directly from its headquarters and through its representatives and distributors around the world.

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