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New LCS50™ Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) Cools Data Center Racks

LCS50 Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU)June 3, 2009, Woburn, MA: Lytron Inc. announced today the launch of its LCS50, a Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) designed specifically for use in data centers. The LCS50 is a liquid-to-liquid cooling system that supplies coolant at precisely controlled temperatures to liquid cooled racks and transfers the waste heat to facility water. The coolant is delivered to the rack, equipment, and electronics above the dew point, reducing the risk of condensation. The CDU also isolates the electronics from the harsher facility water and minimizes the coolant volume near the technology.

The LCS50 has a 150kW cooling capacity. It is compatible with water, ethylene glycol and water solutions (up to 50% volume), or propylene glycol and water solutions (up to 50% volume). The LCS50’s dimensions of 24.0 x 48.0 x 77.5 in / 61 x 122 x 197 cm (W x D x H) allow for in-row placement in the data center. The unit has three temperature control schemes, including control to dew point, and can deliver fluid based on user defined flow rate or differential pressure.

Lytron designed the LCS50 for reliability. With redundant hot-swappable pumps, the system is always able to provide coolant. In addition, the LCS50’s programmable logic controller tracks the exact hours each pump has been in operation and tests the backup pump periodically to ensure it’s operational. The controller alerts the user of any system errors via alarms and offers lock-out protection, temperature and flow control options, and communication packages for remote monitoring.

Optional add-ons for the LCS50 include two-way redundant hot-swappable modulating valves, 80-mesh coolant filters for the primary and secondary coolant circuits, alternative fluid inlet and outlet locations, and an internal insulation package, which eliminates the possibility of condensation on secondary coolant circuit components.

According to Lytron’s Director of Business Development Kathryn Whitenack, who helped develop the LCS50, “Lytron was a leading supplier of liquid cooling to data centers in the late 80’s and early 90’s, when its use was widespread. Since then, Lytron has maintained its leadership in the liquid cooling market by supplying products to scores of mission critical applications, including many in the military and medical markets. Our demonstrated success in these industries proves we both understand and meet the demands of the mission critical data center market.”

As technologies advance, the heat load densities of datacom equipment continue to rise, prompting data center managers to look to liquid cooling as a cost-effective solution. Over the past decade, average loads per cabinet have increased four fold and, in some high performance applications, twenty fold. Liquid cooling has much greater thermal performance capabilities than air, with water carrying approximately 3500 times more heat by volume. Therefore, liquid cooling is able to service higher heat densities with much greater efficiency.

About Lytron

Lytron designs and manufactures high performance heat transfer systems and components. Its cooling products include cold plates, recirculating chillers, liquid-to-liquid cooling systems, ambient cooling systems, and heat exchangers. For more information, please contact Lytron at +1-781-933-7300.