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Lytron Celebrates 50 Years of Cooling

Lytron Logo 50th AnniversaryJuly 9, 2008, Woburn, MA, USA: Lytron, designer and manufacturer of high end cooling components and systems, announced today that it is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Lytron, located in Woburn, Massachusetts, was founded in 1958 by two Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) graduates. Over the past 50 years, Lytron has designed and manufactured components and subassemblies that cool some of the most mission critical equipment in the world.

In the late 1960’s, Lytron designed and manufactured scalloped aluminum I-beam extrusions with inner fin, also known as “Cold Rails,” to provide cooling as well as structural support to the Apollo Lunar Module for the first manned mission to the Moon. Lytron’s products have also provided liquid cooling or air cooling for electronics and/or critical fluids on fighter jet engines, missile defense systems, MRI machines, lasers, nuclear reactors, and more.

Lytron’s customers are primarily fortune global 500 military, medical, laser, and power electronics original equipment manufacturers (OEM). Its products include custom and standard cold plates, cooling systems, heat exchangers, and subassemblies. Lytron’s Chief Operating Officer Craig Carswell notes, “Lytron’s history is a rich one, filled with success stories as well as lessons learned. What makes Lytron different from so many manufacturers is its engineering team. From the very beginning, our business has been about better engineering coupled with skilled and experienced manufacturing.”

Lytron is a privately held company that has experienced 14 consecutive years of growth and now has over 200 employees. Over the years, Lytron has grown organically as well as through acquisitions. Approximately 75% of Lytron’s revenue is from custom product design and manufacturing. The company also sells a broad range of standard products through distributors and manufacturers representatives in the U.S. and internationally.

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