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Lytron Announces Expansion of Service Department

Harry Bufe, Senior Enginer

February 15, 2007, Woburn, MA: Lytron announced today the promotion of Harold Bufe to senior engineer, service, as part of its service department expansion plan. Bufe has been with Lytron since 2004 and has been responsible for managing the service and support needs of Lytron's cooling systems customers. Lytron expects the departmental expansion to result in even faster service response times and better cooling systems performance for customers.

Lytron's service department currently assists customers with operation, maintenance, and service of their cooling systems, including chillers, liquid-to-liquid cooling systems, and ambient cooling systems. The company's cooling systems are purchased as stand alone units as well as bought by manufacturers and incorporated into larger systems, such as a laser system or medical equipment. The end users, who may be doctors, nurses, technicians, or facilities staff often rely on the support of Lytron's service department for cooling system operation assistance to ensure their critical equipment is running properly.

Through its service department, Lytron offers 24-hour, 7-day access by phone and next business day access by email to in-house service technicians. Lytron also provides access to systems manuals and technical documentation on The company's service centers are located in Woburn, Massachusetts at its factory as well as in Germany, Japan, and Canada. The repair centers stock a broad inventory of spare parts and are staffed by factory-certified technicians. System diagnosis is usually completed within 24 hours of receipt of a unit and repairs are carried out within 48 hours of service authorization. Spare parts can typically be shipped within 24 hours to customers.

"Harry has provided excellent service to our customers over the past several years. We are confident in his ability to help grow our worldwide service operations and service network as well as continue to improve on the quality of our service," notes Craig Carswell, vice president of operations. "With numerous standard cooling systems, a large number of systems options, and new custom cooling systems being designed and manufactured each day, providing high quality technical support and service continues to differentiate us in the marketplace."

For more information, please contact Lytron at +1-781-933-7300 or email

About Lytron

Founded in 1958, Lytron designs and manufactures cold plates, chillers, cooling systems, and heat exchangers. Lytron primarily partners with original equipment manufacturers that demand high performance, customized solutions with requirements between 50 and 50,000 pieces a year. Last year, Lytron shipped over 600 unique custom liquid cooling products to original equipment manufacturers. The company also offers over 100 standard products ideal for prototyping as well as end-user applications.