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Lytron Opens New Factory & Corporate Offices in Woburn, Massachusetts

Lytron's New Factory and Corporate Offices

September 13, 2006, Woburn, MA: Lytron, Inc. announced today the completion and opening of its new factory and corporate office space in Woburn, Massachusetts. With this new space north of Boston, Lytron has doubled its square footage and increased its manufacturing capabilities, positioning itself for continued growth. It has also made room for equipment and the addition of staff from its recent acquisition of Lockhart Industries Inc., designer and manufacturer of advanced aluminum-brazed cooling components for the military and electronics markets.

Lytron purchased a building adjacent to its existing facility in 2004, and started renovations and construction in 2005. The purchase was made to accommodate Lytron's expansion and allow for the addition of new capital equipment. The existing facility provided approximately 55,000 ft2 (5,110 m2) of space for Lytron. With the addition of the new space, Lytron now occupies over 115,000 ft2 (10,700 m2) of space.

Lytron has extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities, including CNC machining, torch brazing, TIG welding, vacuum-brazing, high-speed fin making, and more. The facility also has two wind tunnels for testing, as well as quality control labs. Lytron's facility was designed to be flexible and agile for maximum throughput of a large number of custom and standard parts. Lean manufacturing principles are utilized, including point-of-use inventory just-in-time, or "kanban," production systems.

Lytron's decision to remain in its current location in Massachusetts was in large part strategic. "We place a great amount of value in our people," notes Vice President of Operations Craig Carswell. "Finding experienced engineers and highly skilled labor can be challenging, and remaining in Massachusetts has allowed us to keep our key staff. Some of our machine operators have been with Lytron for over 40 years." The company, which has been in business since 1958, now has over 180 employees.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing David Voorhes concurs, "Remaining in the same location has allowed us to operate continuously and provide our customers with the best service possible. It is also beneficial to customers to have our sales department housed in the same building as our design engineers and manufacturing operations, allowing for greater efficiency and communication than if we had separated our operations into two separate facilities."

Tours of the Lytron factory and corporate offices are available upon request. The facility is located just 15 miles north of Boston and is easily accessible from both Logan International Airport in Boston and Manchester Airport in New Hampshire. For more information, please contact Lytron at +1-781-933-7300 or visit

Lytron's New Facility

Lytron's new facility houses manufacturing on the first floor and
corporate offices on the second floor.

About Lytron

Lytron designs and manufactures high performance heat transfer systems and components, including both standard and custom cold plates, cooling systems, and heat exchangers. The company provides total thermal solutions for original equipment manufacturers around the world as well as end users.