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Web-Based Units Converter & Equation Solver Save Engineers Time

Units Converter Tool

Feb. 21, 2006, Woburn, MA: Lytron announced today the launch of its free web-based Units Converter and Equation Solver. The Units Converter allows engineers to convert from one unit of measure to another, simply by entering a value and its unit of measure and then clicking on the preferred unit. With the Equation Solver, engineers can select from one of six standard thermal equations and enter their preferred units for each variable. Lytron created these reference tools for engineers to save time in solving equations. The Units Converter and Equation Solver can be accessed here and used online or downloaded.

Equation SolverConversion options in the Units Converter include all major units of measure for temperature, power, specific heat, density, flow rate, volume, length, pressure, area, thermal conductivity, thermal resistance, and normalized thermal resistance. There are up to 20 conversion units for each category, and engineers can request that additional units be added. Results are calculated to three decimal places as an engineer enters in values. This feature ensures that engineers are always viewing accurate data, versus having to remember to click a solve button before viewing updated results. Engineers can also click a button to "Show Conversions for all Units", which will display all available conversions at once. The conversion factor is displayed for each calculation too.

Equation Solver Conduction Heat Flow

From the Units Converter, engineers can navigate to the Equation Solver. The Equation Solver allows engineers to select from six equations, including mass flow (solving either for v dot or temperature out), Q/ITD, thermal resistance, and conduction heat flow. Engineers can solve for any variable in the equations, simply by entering the known variables and moving the solve button to the unknown variable. For example, with the conduction heat flow formula, an engineer can choose to solve for Q in kW, and enter one temperature in Celsius and one in Fahrenheit.

The convenience, flexibility, and ease of use of the Units Converter and Equation Solver tools allow engineers to save time with their calculations. These tools may be particularly helpful for OEM engineers who are taking the first steps in trying to determine the appropriate cooling technologies for their systems. The Units Converter and Equation Solver are also very helpful when engineers are working internationally, since engineers are likely to come across a variety of units, or when engineers are simply trying to work more efficiently. Both the Units Converter and Equation Solver are available for immediate use or download.

About Lytron

Lytron designs and manufactures high performance heat transfer systems and components. Its cooling products include recirculating chillers, compact and portable non-refrigerated cooling systems, cold plates, aluminum oil coolers, copper tube fin heat exchangers, stainless steel tube-fin heat exchangers, and compact brazed-plate heat exchangers. For more information, contact Lytron at (781) 933-7300 or visit