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New Liquid-to-Liquid System Offers Precise Temperature Control

LCS20 Liquid-to-Liquid Cooling System

May 27, 2005, Woburn, MA: Lytron's new LCS20 liquid-to-liquid cooling system delivers precisely temperature controlled (±0.5°) liquid to process equipment and removes up to 20kW of waste heat. The system transfers waste heat to facility water via a liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger. The facility water removes heat, rather than rejecting it to the ambient air, so it avoids increases in room temperature that typically occur with high heat loads. With over three times the capacity of a comparably sized recirculating chiller, the LCS is an excellent solution for high heat-load applications such as semiconductor capital equipment, medical systems, high power lasers, and industrial equipment.

The process-cooling loop of the LCS is completely separate from the facility water, so the equipment being cooled is protected from facility water contaminants. The system protects equipment from variations in the temperature and flow rate of the facility water. Unlike direct cooling with facility water, the process fluid temperature can be set above the room's dew point, preventing condensation on the equipment being cooled.

Since the LCS20 is water-cooled and uses no fans, it is very quiet. It contains very few moving parts so it is inherently reliable. The unit is ETL tested to UL 61010A-1, and CE certification is available on request. The LCS is also extremely energy efficient since the only components requiring power are the pump and the motor.

The LCS20 contains a liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger, a three-way mixing valve on the facility side, a pump, reservoir, and a controller. Based on the temperature of the process water an advanced PID controller adjusts the metering valve to vary the facility water flow rate through the heat exchanger.

Like all Lytron cooling systems the LCS20 is designed for ease of use. It features a spill-proof reservoir with level indicator, a clear digital display showing actual and set-point temperature, and an over temperature light for early warning of system problems. The LCS is easy to maintain and service and comes with a full 12 month top-to-bottom warranty.

The LCS is available with a wide selection of pumps, controllers and other protection and application-specific options. These include high purity plumbing, a de-ionization cartridge, a heater, a pressure relief valve and an external flow valve. As with all Lytron's cooling systems, the LCS 20 can be customized for OEM applications. Lytron also offers custom liquid-to-liquid cooling systems in other capacities.

About Lytron

Lytron designs and manufactures high performance heat transfer systems and components. Its cooling products include recirculating chillers, compact and portable non-refrigerated cooling systems, cold plates, aluminum oil coolers, copper tube fin heat exchangers, stainless steel tube-fin heat exchangers, and compact brazed-plate heat exchangers. For more information, contact Lytron at (781) 933-7300 or visit