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Lytron Offers PAO chillers

Recirculating Chiller

Lytron now offers a Polyalphaolefin (PAO) compatible version of its popular range of Kodiak recirculating chillers. The use of PAO as a cooling medium is popular for aerospace and military applications due to its dielectric properties and wide operating temperature range. PAO compatibility is available on Kodiak chillers with cooling capacities from 1650W to 5300W.

As with all Lytron's Kodiaks, the PAO compatible chillers offer many standard features in a quiet, small package. The Kodiak features excellent temperature stability and control (typically ±0.1°C) and immediate response to set-point change. The interface is user-friendly, and maintenance is simple. The Kodiak features a large alpha-numeric display, tactile feedback buttons, and optional indicators and alarms for features such as under/over temperature, low flow and low level. Like all Kodiak chillers, the PAO chiller comes with a 2 year warranty.

A selection of customizations are available, such as a heater, external flow and pressure relief valves, air filters, water filters and remote start.