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Lytron Opens European Service Depot

March 12, 2003 Woburn, MA - Lytron, the Total Thermal Solutions ™ company, has partnered with Dresdner Kühlanllagenbau, a leading HVAC service company, to open a new Lytron European Service Depot in Erfurt, Germany. This depot will service Lytron's system products, Kodiak® recirculating chillers, large capacity chillers, and modular cooling systems, across the European Union. The new service center will.

  • Offer faster-turn around time on depot repairs,
  • Eliminate the cost and time required to return units to the factory for maintenance or repair, and
  • Provide local expertise on Lytron products.

Dresdner Kühlanllagenbau's technicians have been fully trained on Lytron's chiller systems so the depot is fully operational and ready to service Lytron products. Dresdner Kühlanllagenbau will also provide on-site service in Germany, as necessary, out of its 20 service offices spread across Germany. Dresdner Kühlanllagenbau employs more the 100 highly-skilled trained engineers and service technicians. Lytron's customers can expect a 24-hour response time for on-site calls and a maximum 48-hour turn around time on depot repairs. Additionally, Lytron spare parts will be warehoused in Germany for fast European distribution, further reducing customer down-time.

Customers should continue to contact Lytron in case of a European service event. Lytron service engineers will contact Dresnder as necessary and coordinate service calls.

Tom Eytel, Lytron's Manager of Customer Service, said, "As the leader in cooling systems, Lytron is supporting its OEMs and European customers with this new service depot. Our service organization will further differentiate our recirculating chillers."

He continued, "Lytron's service group provides customers with a single point of contact for application and maintenance issues on our entire product offering. Today Lytron provides service through 24/7 phone coverage, the website,, and a broad service network."

Founded in 1958, Lytron Incorporated is the leader in liquid cooling systems and components and is the only ISO 9001 Registered Total Thermal Solutions ™ provider. ISO registration provides assurance that these liquid-cooling products are defect-free and able to provide years of reliable, high performance service.

Lytron designs and manufactures high performance heat transfer systems and components. Its cooling products include recirculating chillers, compact and portable non-refrigerated cooling systems, compact cold plates, aluminum oil coolers, copper tube fin heat exchangers, stainless steel tube fin heat exchangers, and OEM coils. For more information, contact Lytron at 781-933-7300 or visit