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New Ultra-High Performance, Low Cost Cold Plate Handles Water Coolant

August 26, 2003, WOBURN, MA - Lytron, the Total Thermal Solutions™ company, introduces a line of all-copper cold plates designed for contact cooling of high watt-density electronic components such as IGBTs, MOSFETs, resistors, diodes, etc. The new Ascent™ series is an ultra-low thermal resistance, low cost, copper cold plate which provides four significant benefits to liquid cooling users:

  • Compatibility with Water - The Ascent's all-copper composition makes it fully compatible with water and other common coolants. Alternative cold plate designs using aluminum require an inhibitor, such as ethylene glycol, to prevent corrosion by the cooling fluid. The Ascent eliminates the need for an inhibitor.
  • Excellent Performance - The Ascent's normalized thermal resistance at 1gpm (3.8 lpm) is 0.058°C in2/W; this is 60% better than the equivalent aluminum part. The internal crisscrossed fin structure offers increased surface area which improves thermal performance. The fin structure provides much better thermal mixing further benefiting the thermal performance. The cold plates pressure drop at 0.5 gpm (1.7 lpm) is 3 psi (0.2 bar).
  • Best Value - Lytron's extensive manufacturing experience achieved a very cost-effective price for the Ascent series. The single piece price is $150. OEM pricing further reduces this cost.
  • Easy Mounting - The Ascent's gull wing shape simplifies mounting. The headers are raised 7/16 inch (11 mm) above the mounting surface so fluid connections are above the plane of the board. The cold plate can be either soldered on to the component or a clip can be used.

Ascent series cold plates are used in applications such as Power Supplies, Lasers, RF Transmitters, Semiconductor Processing Equipment, Traction, Variable Frequency Drives, and Uninterruptible Power Supplies. The Ascent technology can also be adapted to large board applications, too.

"To maintain Lytron's leadership in liquid contact cooling, we continually develop new and better cold plate technologies," says Charlie Carswell, Lytron's President. "Lytron now offers 5 unique cold plate technologies. That's more than anyone else in the industry. This broad product offering means our customers can select the best technology for their applications. It is another example of our Total Thermal Solutions philosophy."

The Ascent's mounting surface is 2 ½ inch (63.5mm) long by 1 5/16 inch (33.3mm) wide. It is available with straight and beaded fittings. Lytron can easily modify the length of the standard parts for custom applications and it can be adapted to board applications. Each unit is pressure tested to 30 psi and has a maximum operating temperature of 125°F (52°C).

Lytron is the only ISO 9001 registered Total Thermal Solutions provider. ISO certification assures users that Lytron's liquid-cooling products are defect-free and will provide years of reliable, leak-tight service.

Lytron designs and manufactures high performance heat transfer systems and components. Its cooling products include recirculating chillers, compact and portable non-refrigerated cooling systems, cold plates, aluminum oil coolers, copper tube fin heat exchangers, stainless steel tube-fin heat exchangers, and compact brazed-plate heat exchangers. For more information, contact Lytron at 781-933-7300 or visit