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Lytron Expands Kodiak® Recirculating Chiller Manufacturing Capacity

July 1, 2002, Woburn, MA - Lytron, the Total Thermal Solutions ™ company, announces a 2.5 fold increase in its Kodiak® Recirculating Chiller manufacturing capacity in its Woburn, MA ISO 9001-registered manufacturing facility. Kodiak chillers cool many types of equipment in many industries, including lasers, analytical instrumentation, medical equipment, laboratory, machine tools, high-speed printing, and industrial applications.

Charlie Carswell, President of Lytron, said, "The market has overwhelmingly adopted the Kodiak product because the chiller offers exceptional value. We added capacity to guarantee continued on-time delivery and superior quality Kodiak chillers, as well as maintain our leadership in liquid cooling systems."

Lytron incorporated many improvements into our new chiller manufacturing work cell to further enhance quality and reliability. These include:

  • Vacuum charging station - Ensuring consistent quality, this automated equipment evacuates the chiller and backfills it with refrigerant with 0.1 ounce accuracy.
  • Point-of-use stocking of parts - By stocking parts at their point-of-use, we reduce the assembly time and ensure the right part is always used.
  • Computerized testing - The final quality test has been automated using the Kodiak's RS-232 feature. Automated testing provides one further check to guaranteeing consistently superior, quality parts.

Lytron designs and manufactures high performance heat transfer systems and components. Its cooling products include recirculating chillers, compact and portable non-refrigerated cooling systems, cold plates, aluminum oil coolers, copper tube-fin heat exchangers, stainless steel tube-fin heat exchangers, and compact brazed-plate heat exchangers.

Lytron is the only ISO 9001 registered Total Thermal Solutions ™ provider. ISO certification assures users that Lytron's liquid-cooling products are defect-free and will provide years of reliable, leak-tight service. For more information, contact Lytron at 781-933-7300.