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Standard Pricing for Drilling and Tapping Holes on PressLock™ Cold Plates

anuary 21, 2002, Woburn, MA - Lytron, the Total Thermal Solutions ™ company, introduces standard pricing to drill and tap holes for its line of PressLock cold plates. Competitively priced, the thermal transfer performance of Lytron's PressLock Series exceeds that of glued, extrusion-type cold plates making it ideal for applications demanding consistent and reliable liquid cooling for surface-mounted electronic components.

"Our PressLock cold plates offer customers an excellent thermal value," said Charlie Carswell, President of Lytron. He continued, "These cold plates can be drilled and tapped and now with our standard pricing we can respond even quicker to OEM inquiries for customization."

Each cold plate in the CP10 Series is fabricated from an aluminum mounting base and copper or stainless steel cooling tube. Using Lytron's proprietary Press-Lock fastening process, the cooling tube is mechanically locked in position, creating a very efficient tubing-to-plate heat transfer interface bond. No epoxy, glue, or tab bending is needed or used to hold the tube into position. Unlike other designs, Lytron's cooling tubes are guaranteed to stay locked into position through thousands of heat and cooling thermal cycles.

Lytron's CP10 Series are available off-the-shelf in 2 standard lengths: 6 or 12 inches long by 3.5 inches wide. To match the compatibility with various fluids including tap water, EGW cooling, and deionized water, Lytron offers copper and stainless steel tubing circuits. Connector options include a choice of 3/8" diameter beaded tube or 3/8" diameter straight tube.

Lytron is the only Total Thermal Solutions ™ provider that is ISO 9001 registered. ISO certification assures users that Lytron's liquid-cooling products are defect-free and able to provide years of reliable, leak-free service. For over forty years, Lytron has been well known in the industry for consistent high quality and on-time delivery.

Lytron designs, develops and manufactures high performance heat transfer systems and components. Its products include recirculating chillers, compact non-refrigerated cooling systems, aluminum oil coolers, copper tube-fin heat exchangers, stainless steel tube-fin heat exchangers, compact brazed-plate heat exchangers, and economical OEM coils. For more information, call Lytron at 781-933-7300 or visit the web site at