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March, 2000 - Lytron introduces RS232 communication protocol as an option on its Kodiak® recirculating chillers. RS232 communication allows for remote monitoring and control, either manual or computer, of the chiller. Most OEM customers incorporate the control into their system operating software. Alternatively, Lytron offers free software that mimics the chiller's controller operation on your computer.

Charles Carswell, President of Lytron said, "RS232 allows Lytron's customers to manage their process remotely. It offers OEMs an opportunity to cut costs and improve automation. OEMs can collect chiller data on their system's host computer and review it remotely to analyze operating tends, trouble shoot or diagnose any difficulty. Trend analysis can be used to perform maintenance prior to failure. Lytron is the only chiller supplier with full performance information, including pressure, available via RS232."

The RS232 communication protocol sends and controls the following chiller parameters:

  • Actual Process Temperature
  • Process Temperature Setpoint 
  • Delivered Coolant Pressure
  • Cooling Status
  • Chiller On/Off Status
  • Overtemperature Alarm Setpoint
  • Overtemperature Alarm Status
  • Low Temperature Alarm Setpoint
  • Low Temperature Alarm Status
  • Low Flow Alarm Status
  • Low Coolant Level Status
  • Fault Chiller Status On/Off
  • Audible Alarm On/Off Status

Kodiak chillers offer many standard features in a quiet, small package. The chiller was designed to provide an updated, quality image for OEM applications. The user interface improvements include a new, completely digital, easy-to-program controller with an integrated pressure indicating bar readout. All Kodiak models contain a robust, ozone-friendly refrigeration system with hot-gas bypass to extend compressor life, allowing for a two-year warranty, twice the industry standard.

Four different cooling capacities, 600, 1100, 2200, 4500 Watts, are available with a variety of electrical, pump and controller options to customize the chiller. The versatility of the Kodiak line allows Lytron to modify the unit to virtually any application.

Lytron is the only ISO 9001-certified, Total Thermal Solutions™ provider. ISO certification provides the assurance these liquid-cooling products are defect-free and able to provide years of reliable, leak-tight service.

Lytron Incorporated designs, develops and manufactures high performance heat transfer systems and components. Its cooling products include recirculating chillers, compact and portable non-refrigerated cooling systems, aluminum-oil coolers, copper tube-fin heat exchangers, stainless steel tube-fin heat exchangers, compact cold plates, and OEM coils.

For more information, contact Lytron at 781-933-7300 or visit